Case Study Roofing Contractor - Roofing Company Case Study

Case Study Roofing Contractor

A few months ago (8 now) we took on a new client in the Roofing Contractor niche.

Greg approached us to assist with developing their SEO strategy and was sent as a referral from a mutual business acquaintance.

Here is a summary of how we were involved:


As with a number of clients, they had used an external agency (betweeen Feb 2020 & Oct 2021) for their SEO. This didn’t produce the results that they had hoped.

As a result they made the switch to trying to do it in-house. Which also hadn’t produced the desired results.

The business owner, Greg was really frustrated. By his own admission, it wasn’t quite make or break time, but it was getting close.

We jumped on a call, together with his business partner Amy.

Initial Observations

During which we were able to establish Greg’s main pain points:

  • The need to generate high quality leads in a sensible time-frame
  • The time he was committing to in-house SEO was detracting from other areas of the business
  • Constantly seeing his main competitor above him in local search

Below is a snapshot of the main ranking search term for this client.

Case Study Roofing Contractor - Roofing Company Case Study


After working with Greg for 6 months he was able to:

  • Grow his business to a level that he hadn’t though was possible. He has now taken on additional employees to support his goals.
  • Renew his focus on his main business areas, instead of worrying about his SEO.
  • See his website overtake the main local competitor.

Client's Comments

“We were amazed to see the results that Spark Digital achieved. To be honest we were skeptical at the start, because we thought SEO didn’t work.

I now have time to run my business and grow it. We’ve turned the corner and can look forward to a good 2023 / beyond.

I have personal satisfaction as well because our main competitor doesn’t do all that of a good job”

Want to grow your business like Greg?

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