Case Study HVAC Contractor - HVAC Company Case Study

Case Study HVAC Contractor

The start of last year saw us take on a HVAC contractor. Their business was struggling, with what seemed like an inability to generate new clients.

Daniel (business owner) knew that something needed to change, and reasonably quickly, too.

Here is a summary of how we were involved:


They built their own website a few years back. In the most part it was ok, but the content needed updating, along with the creation of additional service pages.

Daniel wanted to raise the profile of his website, feeling that it was a good platform to showcase their work and gain new clients.

He wanted to be more visible, especially when people searched for commercial heating services.

A Zoom call was a great way to understand more about Daniel and his business.

Initial Observations

During which we were able to establish Daniel’s main pain points:


  • The need to target high value commercial HVAC enquiries
  • Ideally, the new clients would come from a radius of 40 – 50 miles from their base
  • The business might close, or scale back if they weren’t able to see signs of growth within a year


After working with Daniel for 9 months he was able to:


  • Actually grow his business, with a 566% increase in clients since inception
  • Consider buying out of another local service supplier to grow further
  • Become recognised as one of the main commercial HVAC service proviers in his surrounding area

Client's Comments

“We were skeptical about SEO at the start, thinking it would take too long. But Spark Digital showed us a robust plan and what results we could expect to see.

Now that we have turned the corner, I don’t stay up all night worrying if we will make it. We are in the process of acquiring a smaller local competitor, which will help us grow further.

I’m so grateful to Spark Digital, they have helped raise our local profile so much.”

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