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Leverging The Power Of Pay Per Click

Without question, pay per click (PPC) is one of the most powerful methods of acquiring new customers.

It has grown into a multi billion dollar business, with no signs of relenting.

The reality is that every single day there are people searching for your goods and services, people that could be seeing your business.

Driving “ready to spend” visitors to your business is only part of our PPC agency service. We will also ensure that your site has the capability to convert these visits into high quality enquiries.

Our PPC agency services are a superb way to maximise business profits.
PPC Agency Services From Spark Digital

Your landing page is the opportunity to connect with your audience, think clearly about where you are going to take them!

What Is PPC Advertising?

PPC or pay per click advertising allows your business to reach people who are searching for the goods and services that you offer.

You can choose to promote your brand in different ways, including websties and social media platforms.

Where Can PPC Ads Be Shown?

There are a range of platforms that you can choose from to show your ads, including:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
Do People Really Click On Ads?

The answer here is a resounding Yes!

Although you might not think it, there are many reasons as to why people choose to click on the ads that are shown.

That is perhaps why nearly every single search term you can think of will show ads in some format or another.

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Types Of PPC Agency Services

Our team are ready to help you to achieve your goals and have a number of services available, across different PPC platforms.
Google Ads Account Set-Up

We will work with you to create a results driven PPC campaign on the Google Ads platform.

The truth is Google makes it easy to start with their ads platform; however, they also make it incredible difficult to fully maximise an account.

You can be assured that our set-up will cover all of the relevant best practices to ensure that your ad deliver reaches exactly the audience you need, and at the lowest possible cost.

Our professional Google Ads account set-up is available for a low cost one-off payment.

Google Ads Management

It’s important to understand that Google Ads is NEVER a ‘set and forget’ platform.

This is why we provide a full management service. Ensuring that your ad campaigns are constantly updated for maximum efficiency.

Stay ahead of your competitors with our affordable Google Ads management service.

For complete transparency and fairness, charges are based as a percentage of your montly ad spend.

Google Ads Health Check

We find that many advertisers campaigns are not created properly, leading to over spend. Not only this, but in many cases these Google Ads accounts are never going to deliver the desired results.

Our Google Ads Healthcheck is a fantastic way to audit your whole account.

Our easy to follow report will focus on the areas that are putting your success at risk.

We will review the entire account, including the following:

  • Campaign / Ad Group Structure
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Negative Keyword Targeting
  • Ad Copy
  • Ad Quality Scores
  • Landing Page Experience

Plus many other important elements.

This service is available for a cost effective one-time payment.

Trust And Transparency

The team at Spark Digital will deliver results that you need to grow your business.

No long-term contracts and easy to understand guidance will ensure that you are fully in-control of your PPC objectives.

Our Guarantee

We aren’t like other agencies that force you to sign long-term commitments. Our clients stay with us because of the results that we deliver.

Our core service includes:

  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Results Focused Delivery
  • Bespoke To Your Business Needs

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