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Case Study Fencing Contractor Service

We were contacted by James as a result of a referral from one of our clients.

James runs a fencing installation & repair business and was keen to bring in more new business. Although they had been established for a couple of years (the team itself had over 15 years in fencing) they always seemed to have capacity for more work.

They had experience of all types of fencing, including; wood, metal and chainlink. In addition to installation, they also specialised in the repair side of things too.


Their existing website needed some updates, it didn’t work too well for showcasing the work that they had already done. However, the most important thing was that they felt they needed more regular clients.

James was aware of SEO, but wasn’t sure it would work for him. He knew of other people in his industry that had spent good money on it and didn’t get the desired results.

During our initial conversations we established that they did have good capacity for extra work, and could even bring in additional contractors when required.

They got repeat and referral business, but their lack of online presence made it difficult to gain new customers.

Initial Observations

These were the important things we learned at the outset: 

  • James was concerned about SEO and whether it would actually work
  • They would prefer to land the bigger corporate jobs, where possible
  • They had room for expansion if they could get more work in
  • It was important for them to be able to show work they had completed on the website

In addition James also had another side-business that he wanted to be able to put more money into. But, was limited at this point due to a lack of revenue in his fencing firm.


Once the onboarding process was completed we set about creating the portfolio area that could be used to properly showcase his work.

The SEO implementation took a few weeks from start to finish, from there we started to see positive results.

The main outcomes after around 6 months so far of working with us are:

  • Gaining visibility locally which has seen additional quotes being created
  • Sleek looking portfolio area which helps to convert enquiries into jobs
  • They have gone from around 60% capacity to closer to 80% each month
  • James has been able to review his pricing and felt a modest increase was acceptable 
  • He is close to being able to put money into his other business interest

Email Feedback Recieved

We were of course delighted to recieve postive feebdack from James quite early on in the campaign.

Fencing Contractor Case Study - Case Study Fencing Company

Client's Comments

“Once we took the plunge to go ahead it was pretty straightforward. We got assigned a campaign manager and had the onboarding session. 

I still had reservations about SEO, but these started to disappear when I saw that we started to become visible for our services. So, if I could find us, then so could potential customers!

Within a few months we started to generate some phone calls and emails, which was more than we ever got before. Then the biggest gains came around 6 months, we would get enough to turn into an extra 3-4 jobs per month.

I was even able to increase my pricing a little bit and wasn’t worried about losing work.

It’s still early days, but I’m really happy with how things have gone so far.”

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