Case Study Emergency Plumber

Case Study Emergency Plumber

Early last year we got a call from a Plumber, called Tim.

Tim had been referred to us from another plumber in a different city.

He was in his 3rd year of business, but was having a tough time getting new clients, and needed help.

Here is a summary of how we were involved:


Tim had been trying to grow his business, without a great deal of success.

He had tried 2 SEO agencies and just didn’t get any real results. His website was being found towards the bottom of the the 2nd page of search.

Tim was starting to believe that SEO wasn’t going to deliver the new business that he needed.

He needed reassurances that this time things were going to be different.

We jumped on a Zoom call, along with Tim’s fiancee Gina who is also involved in the business.

Here’s what happened next >>>>

Initial Observations

During the call we were able to establish the following:

  • Tim’s main focus area was as an Emergency Plumber
  • Generally their main clients are businesses
  • There was a real worry that the business might have to down-scale if new clients weren’t brought on inside 3-4 months
  • They close around 3 clients for every 10 new leads they get

Google Analytics Search Traffic

Case Study Emergency Plumber

The campaign objectives were set and we started to complete the technical audit, this was completed around the middle of Jan 2023.

We can see that Google responded very well to the updates that we implemented on the website, which included the following:

    • Meta Data
    • Page Titles
    • Internal Linking
    • Content

As you can see, the clients website started to see gains in traffic around April / May, with a sharp increase occuring in the months following.


The first 6 months were the most  challenging for Tim, during which time Gina gave birth to a daughter. Here’s the main take-aways:

    • They started to get good quality enquries for their core business service.
    • The worry of down-scaling has since gone and they have been able to take on 2 extra plumbers to assist with the increased work.
    • They have won 2 long term tenders. One for a larger organisation and the other is a college, plus they anticipate being chosen for 3 further tenders.

Client's Comments

“The change in our business has been unbelievable. To think that we were worried that we might have to start to lay people off. The turnaround has been amazing!

We are now in a position where our ideal clients can find us

I can’t thank the team at Spark Digital enough for what they have done, even if sometimes I am quite a demanding client!”

Want to grow your business like Tim?

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