Case Study Accountant - Bookkeeper Case Study

Case Study Accountant & Bookkeeper

Chloe approached us after seeing the results we achieved for her friends business.

She was looking to grow her business, and had tried Google Ads in the past.

The cost was prohibitive as they ended up spending between £7 – £9 per click.

Here is a summary of how we were involved:


Chloe believes in her service, but just needed to find a cost-effective way to bring in new clients.

The challenge was to get enquiries from bigger corporate clients.

There were more established businesses in her city, but she felt that her service stood out.

She felt that her service was more professional than some of her competitors and prided herself on a more personal touch.

We agreed on a Google Meet call to find out more and discuss how we could potentially help.

Initial Observations

During the call we were able to establish the following:


  • Chloe’s services are aimed at corporate clients
  • The core service provided is management accountant
  • She had capacity to take on extra clients every month
  • She wanted to expand her business and take on more staff to assist


During the first 4 months we worked on implementing a robust Local SEO strategy.


  • Chloe started to get additional enquiries from her website
  • They were on target to take on additional team members to help meet the business needs
  • They have gained 5 larger corporate clients

Client's Comments

“It’s great to see that my business is now heading in the right direction.

We are much more visible in search and getting the right type of clients.

Expansion is definitely on the cards now and at some stage in the future I will be considering a satellite office in another city.

We’re so grateful that we used Spark Digital, they have made a huge difference”

Want to grow your business like Chloe?

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